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May 22, 2024

Designer & Webflow Developer [$10,000 for 3 months]



We're a team of two co-founders (based in Stockholm) launching a new product for micro-businesses and solopreneurs.

We’re building a product that will become an essential part of the default tech stack that many micro-businesses use today, i.e. Gmail, Notion, etc.

I'm particularly vague about our product because we are in "stealth mode." Yet we're building something that you would even use, so we need someone to design it for themselves.

We've raised pre-seed funding on a $10m valuation and now need some initial design and webflow development help for at least 3 months; of course, if this relationship works out and you would like to help us after that for more time or even join us in the long term, then we're open to that too.

We will pay $10,000 for three months of work. You are free to decide how and when you spend your time, but we care about the outcome.

Some references of design we like:








  1. You must be able to handle digital design entirely, including designing all elements of our web app, website and interactive elements along with UX.
  2. You do not need to be pushed; instead, take the initiative to lead all aspects of our design. We would like you to take this off us as founders; without hesitation, you make decisions.
  3. You are obsessed with the performance of web design and developing highly performant websites; a personal pet peeve is design that slows the user experience; design should be beautiful, but it shouldn’t hinder website performance. Small file sizes where possible, yet with stunning design. Less is more


  • Must know Webflow (this is what we use)
  • Must know Figma (this is what we use)
  • Should know interactive design in Jitter, Spline or similar.