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June 10, 2024

Junior Graphic Designer


We’re expanding our creative team and seeking a Junior Graphic Designer with the following skills:

  • Design coordination like a maestro | Are you adept at juggling various design projects? We need someone who can efficiently manage multiple design tasks simultaneously while ensuring quality and timeliness.
  • Adobe aficionado with a flair for Figma | Proficiency in Figma and Adobe Creative Suite is a must. Can you seamlessly transition between these platforms to bring our creative visions to life?
  • Print and pixels, your playground | Do you excel in both print and digital design realms? We need someone who can craft captivating visuals for a diverse range of mediums.
  • Typography titan and layout luminary | A strong understanding of typography principles and layout design is essential. Can you arrange elements harmoniously to create visually appealing compositions?
  • Project management prowess | Experience with project management tools like ClickUp and Slack is crucial. Can you navigate these platforms with ease to streamline our design workflow?
  • Cybersecurity Translator | Do you speak Tech or Cybersecurity? Let’s put that niche language to use to help our clients with some killer marketing materials.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Web and Brand Concept Design: Bring innovative concepts to the table for web and brand design projects.
  • Develop Logos and Images: Create unique and impactful logos and graphics to represent our clients' brands.
  • Create Print and Promotional Layouts: Design engaging layouts for print materials and promotional items.
  • Prepare Marketing Materials: Produce compelling marketing collateral for online, print, and event use.
  • Contribute Creative Feedback: Offer constructive feedback and insights to enhance the creative process.
  • Create Unique Icons: Design unique icons and cohesive icon sets to complement various design projects.
  • Assist in Defining Brand Identity: Collaborate with the team to establish and refine brand identities for clients.
  • Produce Brand Guidelines: Develop comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand assets.

If you’re ready to unleash your creativity, join us in shaping captivating brand experiences for our clients.

Please include work examples - any reference or format is fine (portfolio, website, instagram, etc.)!

About Miscreants:

Miscreants is a global digital marketing and design agency, focused on cybersecurity companies. We’re a team of ex-security, strategists, designers, marketers, and all-round problem solvers who have made it our mission to build better systems and experiences for the cybersecurity industry.

Our services run the gamut from physical brand activations to digital product experiences.

We are a fully-remote global team. We have teammates across the globe - currently including the United States and Europe. We believe in sourcing the best talent so we can consistently deliver top notch results to our clients.