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May 28, 2024

Landing Page Design

Rad Spy

I'm looking to modernize https://radspy.io with a new fancy design.

Here is the direction I want to go with content:


Password is radspy

- I like the vaporwave look. I don't think it's designed great, but I like the feeling.

- I really like https://superwall.com/, but I think we can lean deeper into vaporwave feeling

- None of the design ideas in the figma need to stay. They're just examples of the content I'd like.

- Feel free to add lorm ipsum copy if it's needed anywhere for your design

Let me know, I'm looking forward to what you come up with.

feel free to use any of the effects from: https://ui.aceternity.com/components/spotlight



like retro grid might be nice https://magicui.design/docs/components/retro-grid

Final delivarable is three Figma screens:

  1. Desktop 1920
  2. Desktop 1440
  3. Mobile for iphone