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May 30, 2024

Product Designer


We're looking for someone to create intuitive and engaging user experiences for our digital products, ensuring alignment with user needs and business objectives. The primary expected outcome of this role is to design user interfaces that enhance usability, accessibility, and overall user satisfaction.


Conduct UX research.

Understand UX research methodologies and when best to use them, including interviews, surveys, usability testing, A/B prototype testing, etc.

Collaborate with UX researchers and conduct UX research to understand user needs, opportunities, and behaviors.

Synthesize UX research into recommendations and strategies for UX/UI solutions.

Create wireframes, prototypes, user flows, IA, journey maps to communicate UX/UI solutions.

Engage with the Client.

Partner with product managers, developers, and client stakeholders to understand and define user requirements and project goals.

Design visually appealing, intuitive-to-use, and accessible user interfaces across different devices and platforms.

Understand best practices for style guides and design systems and how to create, expand, and document them.

Create mockups to visualize and communicate design concepts.

Iterate designs based on user feedback, stakeholder input, and usability testing to continuously improve the user experience.

Collaborate closely with development teams to ensure successful implementation of design solutions and maintain design consistency.

Stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in UX/UI design to drive innovation and excellence in design processes.

Implement user-centered design principles and best practices to optimize the usability and accessibility of digital products.

Ensure WCAG accessibility.

Apply WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) in creating inclusive digital experiences.

Integrate accessibility practices throughout the design process through design, documentation, and collaboration.