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May 7, 2024

Web designer


We're seeking a designer to create high converting designs for our projects.

As our designer, you'll use Figma to work on 3-5 client projects at a time.

You'd be working on an AI company, 2 telemedicine projects, + 2 ecom projects.

Tasks will be organized into prioritized tickets w/ briefs, ensuring a clear workflow.

Experience & Training

If you already have the must-have skills, that's great! If not, but you have raw talent and a keen eye for design, we're willing to train you.

Compensation & Hours

- $15-$20/hour, depending on experience

- 30 (minimum) to 40 hours per week; time is tracked w/ Hubstaff

- Payment each week via Payoneer, PayPal (or whatever you prefer)