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May 13, 2024

Web Designer

Thoughtful AI

Looking for an experienced web designer that can redesign the hero section and second section of our homepage for the launch of our new products (AI Agents). We want three different design concepts for this project so three different hero sections/second section. We want the second section to partially show as well so the hero section doesn't take up 100% of the fold.

We are Thoughtful AI. We are a tech company that automates RCM functions in the healthcare space.

Things we want to see or maintain:

  • Elegant lines
  • Movement
  • Lighter vibe
  • Good emotions/heart added (goes with the lighter vibe, we feel, as a healthcare company, we are coming off a little too dark so this is an emphasis on creating a more friendly look)
  • One central OS (Creating the feeling that Thoughtful AI is one central OS that can seamlessly integrate into all of your different systems)

Hero: Introducing what we do and who we are

H1: The world’s first AI operating system for healthcare RCM teams.

Supporting Paragraph: Hire your first Fully Human Capable AI Agent today.

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Second Section: Introducing our three main products, AI Agents. Eva, Phil, and Cam are our three main AI Agents. Instead of hiring someone to do eligibility verification, you hire EVA. Instead of hiring someone to do Payment Posting, you are hiring PHIL. If you want more context into these AI Agents you can visit these pages below. Do not take design inspiration from these pages. We aren't a fan of this current design:

H2 or H2 w/ supporting copy: The AI agents powering the best healthcare providers. Introducing the first fully human capable AI Agents.

Design: For the design of the 3 AI Agents, we want a something simple but powerful with the copy or design around the copy. We dont want these AI Agents to have a face or be a robot but want something that makes the names unique, by give the copy unique attributes or the design around the copy unique. Three AI Agents:

  • EVA
  • PHIL
  • CAM

Design Insp for AI Agent Text:

  • https://www.harvey.ai/ (Cool concept on giving the name a unique look. This example is too dark for what we want though)

Addition Instructions/Resources:

Homepage were updating: https://www.thoughtful.ai/

Font: Inter


  • Thoughtful Gradient: linear-gradient(135deg, #ff9e00 0%, #ff3b48 33%, #e52a71 66%, #a500dd 100%)
  • Dark Blue Gradient: linear-gradient(135deg, #5A4C7A, #204990)
  • Light Blue Gradient: linear-gradient(135deg, #d8b4dc, #c4cbeb 50%, #489fdb)
  • Main Dark Blue Background: #111737
  • Off-White: #f6f8fa